Staff Development Continues During COVID-19

Several colleagues have been taking part in learning and development opportunities throughout the crisis with the aim of future-proofing their skills.

Our electrical engineers recently took part in an online version of the EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE) training programme. EPLAN is used by all DPS Group electrical engineers, and is an integral part of works we carry out for several clients.

The ECE course is preceded by a standard introductory course which introduces or refreshes the fundamentals of EPLAN.

Some of the key elements of training include:

– Master data creation

– Macro and device technology

– Intro modular, standardised project implementation

DPS Group engineer, Michael McKenna, recently completed the standard EPLAN Certified Engineer module, and found that it enhanced his knowledge of the product.

He said: “It’s shown me better ways to do things with the software. It’s helping to make me a better engineer giving me a formal qualification in using the product, and moving forward it means I can take the certified engineer course.”

Tony Ward is an EPLAN Account Manager that worked with Michael on the course.

“The standard EPLAN course is something we recommend to all our customers,” he explains.

“It enables them to use EPLAN, give improvements in efficiency, and enables them to use EPLAN as it comes out of the box. It is a solid starting point for Electrical Engineers to improve on the manual processes they might currently use.”

The EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE) course, which is a six-month training course that consists of training units, practical phases and feedback discussions which turns EPLAN users into certified engineering experts. It increases the individuals working product knowledge, and the business efficiency.

Some of the key elements of training include:

– Structuring and layout of EPLAN script

– Activate and control EPLAN functionalities via script

– Takeover and decentralisation from the EPLAN portal

DPS Group engineer, Elias Mangoro, recently took part in the advanced EPLAN Certified Engineer course, and found the experience invaluable, saying: “The certified engineer course covers the core features; it has given me a deeper understanding of the ways we can use EPLAN.

“Training was carried out online with content delivery; it was interactive, engaging, and refreshing. I’m delighted to have taken the opportunity to take part. The next step is to put into practice the knowledge I’ve gained.

“The advanced functionalities will add depth, value, and clear solutions for clients. It has helped improve me as an electrical engineer, and in turn, benefits the business efficiency. EPLAN is a global name, and having this kind of qualification is important.”

Tony from EPLAN was impressed with the progression of Elias on the course, and believes it will benefit both him as an engineer and the business overall.

“Elias is one of a select but growing number of engineers who have passed the final exam, he achieved an impressive score and this has provided him with knowledge on how to be highly proficient with the software,” he said.

“We are delighted that Elias is now an EPLAN Certified Engineer, DPS Group are further training their engineers and EPLAN are working with them to strive for even higher efficiency in their engineering design processes.”

DPS Group is committed to investing in up-skilling our team, enhancing technological capabilities, and expanding on innovation.

The training course has allowed engineers to continually improve with the software and DPS Group Director Martin Brownlee believes innovation is the key to the future of the industry.

“It’s really important for the DPS Group’s growth to invest in our young hungry engineers,” he explains.

“Michael and Elias have shown great desire to push and challenge themselves, which has been especially difficult at this time.

“Congratulations to them both, and we can already see some of the advanced knowledge they have gained being used in our electrical design.”

Martin added on the importance of digital technology: “As we all continue the journey with digitalisation, which is a key part of what DPS Group offer our clients with innovative IIoT solutions, we need to invest in our own digitalisation to ensure we can continue to provide our clients cutting edging solutions. 

“Continuing our development with EPLAN which we have been using for around a decade allows us to enhance our project delivery from utilising Pro Panel for comprehensive 3D Control Panel Design to ensure correct first-time layouts, to using eVIEW for collaborative design with all project stakeholders throughout the lifecycle. With more innovations to come the DPS Group and EPLAN partnership is a perfect match.”

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