Micro Motion re-releases ELITE CMFS007 flow metre

Micro Motion has officially re-released the ELITE CMFS007 flow meter for quote and order via DPS Group.

Providing the ultimate real-world performance benefits include:

  • Ultimate low flow performance with ±0.05% mass flow and ± 2 kg/m3 density accuracy at a nominal flow rate of only 35 kg/h
  • Improved sensor stability and sensitivity with 30:1 flat spec optimum turndown from nominal flow 
  • Single tube dual loop design
  • Sensor maximum working pressure of 125 bar

What you need to know:

  • Original release was put on hold due to an internal braze joint inspectability issue
  • CMFS007 is available in Toolkit
  • Available with remote mount 5700 transmitter only (integral mount option coming soon)
  • The 0.25% gas mass-flow accuracy specification of the CMFS007 still needs to be verified. If you have a customer interested in the CMFS for a gas application please check for additional information.

For further details please contact us.

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