DPS Group works across a range of sectors. Find out more about an overview of what we do, here. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, to assist you further.

Our Sectors

Food & Beverage

If you’ve ever had something to eat or drink, produced in Scotland, DPS Group have probably played a part in its production.

We know how vital the food and drink sector is to the Scottish economy, because for many years we have worked with many of the UK’s leading food and beverage companies. 

Whether you want to expand your operations to meet demand, bring your distillery up to upcoming tougher standards in compliance, or create new approaches to how you manage energy, DPS Group should be your first port of call. 

Having total control over the processes throughout a brewery, distillery or food factory is vital for the preservation of quality and flavour. 

And quality and flavour are vital to your profitability. 

So whether it’s a technical requirement or support to meet legislative requirements, get in touch with us. Our DPS Group trained specialists are ready to discuss your project, today.


DPS Group has 15-years experience working with some of the biggest names in the power industry.

We deliver a multi-disciplined solution delivering electrical, instrumentation and automation projects across the sector.

Our work has included major system upgrades for Scotland’s largest power station, innovative instrumentation solutions for Connah’s Quay Power Station, and a significant range of compliance testing, including ATEX at some of the highest profile sites in the country.  

DPS Group can provide either a fully integrated turnkey solution, or a combination of our services, which can be tailored to meet client requirements.

We have a specialist team of advisers on hand, who will be happy to visit your site and assess options for your project.


The Paper industry has undergone drastic changes in recent years as mills turn to recycled paper to create new products. 

That means a change in approach is required to be able to adapt and survive – and plenty of paper mills have not. 

Paper has always been at the heart of DPS Group. Indeed two of our directors and a number of our engineers served their apprenticeships in the local paper mills around Fife.

Paper continues to be one of DPS Group key industry sectors and we have designed and installed a number of innovative drive, control and electrical solutions in recent years to the main paper makers in the UK.

When it comes to paper, our team at DPS Group have it covered, and they’d be pleased to discuss your project with you. 


Pharmaceutical and process industries are stringently controlled and rigorously monitored – which is why many of the sector’s biggest names turn to DPS Group.

This is one of the world’s highest profile sectors where innovation and research lead to the production of life-changing drugs.

It is no surprise then that compliance is absolutely critical. DPS Group is able to provide innovative solutions that meet the rigorous regulations that are in place.

Some of the biggest brands including Macfarlan Smith and GSK, trust us to deliver often complex electrical, instrumentation, and control projects.

By staying on the front foot, your company will enjoy increased efficiency, and ultimately be able to boost profitability.

We have a team of expert advisers for this sector who are standing by to discuss your requirements for this very specialist sector. 

Oil & Gas

DPS Group is trusted to work with some of the biggest Oil & Gas operators in the world.

As a multi-disciplined electrical, instrumentation and control (EI&C) solutions provider, we have the skills and expertise to deliver, a completely integrated approach to project management.

This means we’re ideally suited to help you analyse and design the right solution, build, install, test, commission. 

We also offer extensive compliance services to the sector, including ATEX testing. This is a vital area of compliance, given the highly hazardous nature of producing oil & gas. 

Our specialists are standing by to visit you on site, and discuss your next project. 


The petrochemical industry requires the highest levels of design standards, manufacturing quality and equipment reliability.

A combination of our ISO9001 quality management system and knowledge of manufacturing and hazardous area standards such as ATEX and DSEAR ensure that our system designs meet customer expectations.

Whether you are looking for labour support during a TAR or the design and installation of an automation and electrical system DPS Group can be trusted to deliver.

Our petrochemical team have 15 years of experience and are standing by, ready to discuss your project.