Automation & Process
Control Solutions

DPS Group offers an extensive range of Process Control and Automation Services from project management through to machinery safety systems, hardware and software design, control panel manufacture, installation and commissioning.

Process Control, Automation & Industry 4.0

Our Process Control & Automation Services include PLC, DCS, SCADA, Drives, IT and safety solutions. We apply rigorous quality protocols from specification to completion, our systems experts ensure your applications are robust, well-documented and fit for purpose.

Efficient, phased migration for large systems projects minimises operational disruption and plant access limitations, while offering effective management of capital expenditure.

DPS Group offers the following Automation services:  

DPS Group adheres to the Environmental Management Systems Standard ISO 14001:2004 to identify and control our environmental impact and improve our environmental performance.

As a company and as individuals, DPS Group is committed to achieving a positive economic impact while being environmentally responsible. We use the best scientific understanding and engineering to guide our customer solutions development and other corporate activities.

End-to-end solution

Delivering an end-to-end solution, our control systems experts first provide informative feedback and assessments of your needs to produce a detailed Functional Design Specification that meets your user requirements and a pre-planned strategy.

DPS Group has standardised their Control System Project Design, execution, and commissioning on the use of the Lifecycle Development ‘V’ Model as promoted in the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) guidelines.

Using a knowledge bank built up over years’ of experience, we will select pre-written and fully tested software blocks that offer relevant foundational architecture. This structural coding can then be rapidly and effectively adapted and developed to deliver those unique and precise functions demanded by every system.

Control Panel Design and Manufacture

DPS Group, have dedicated Electrical Design and Control Panel Manufacturing departments to provide a full range of design and builds:

Functional Safety Professionals

DPS Group’s fully trained Functional Safety Professionals have an in-depth understanding of these standards, their inherent calculations and definitive application you can be sure that we will provide a safe solution, meeting all the required legislation: