ASO 238 Series – now improved for use in damp environments

Thanks to a robust new encapsulation material (PPS) and a more compact design, the 238 Series is now considerably more resistant to damp, humid or chemically aggressive environments.

The range is available from DPS Group.

With the correct connector they guarantee IP67 protection (previously IP65), without the need for sealing gaskets and so reducing component complexity.

A new stainless steel coil fixing clip with a stronger design has also been introduced.


  • Suitable for use in damp and/or humid environments thanks to a higher IP protection.
  • A more compact design: 10g lighter in weight
  • PPS casing gives greater resistance to chemical wear and tear.
  • A stronger stainless steel clip construction has been introduced to deal with the higher levels of corrosion and humidity that this product may now be used in.

Performance and all other technical features remain unchanged meaning old and new versions are totally interchangeable.

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