Q&A with business development manager Grant Buchanan

Tell us about your role?

I’m business development manager for DPS Group and have been in post for a bit over a year.

My job is to sell the group within our current and new market sectors, demonstrating that we can often do more than potential clients realise. We’re looking to sell all the various parts of the group – because in almost all cases within the fields we work, we’re able to deliver one integrated solution.

That ability to diversify is a key part of DPS Group’s plans for the future.

I’m also involved in working with our marketing & PR agency, Electrify, who look after how our brand and some of the key pieces of creative you’ll have seen in recent times.

Where did you previously work?

I was previously with Star Refrigeration as a national key account manager looking after three of their blue chip clients. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but sometimes it’s right to make a change.

What do you like about working with DPS Group?

It’s never dull, and there are lots of personalities around our team!

I would say it is a very diverse and varied working environment, and we really do work as a team – everyone very much pulling in the right direction.

I also think that we’re very innovative and forward thinking in what we do, the level of service we bring to clients, and how we generally project ourselves. That, for me, makes a huge difference in our industry.

What advice would you give to the apprentices working with the group?

The apprentices are given a fantastic springboard in their career here at DPS Group.

I would encourage them to take the opportunity in front of them because it’s absolutely enormous. This can be the start of a fully rounded career in electrical and industrial control solutions.

Give us a message to those reading this who are considering a conversation with DPS Group.

We’re quite different to many of the businesses that work in our sector both in terms of approach, client service, and also the way we tell the story of DSP Group.

We’re incredibly strong as a group, and it’s a huge selling point for me in my role. Being trusted to deliver integrated solutions across a wide range of sectors means we’re able to diversify and adapt.

We’re a well-oiled machine no doubt, with a clear sense of purpose.

Most importantly, though, we make a good cup of tea, and we’re incredibly friendly, so it’s undoubtedly worth a chat!

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