Q&A – Leoni Dewar

This month our focus is on Leoni Dewar, an accounts assistant in the finance team here at DPS Group. 

What’s your role within DPS Group?

My official role within DPS is accounts assistant but my job role can vary as we all work as a team to meet company requirements. It can include a wide range of tasks which I am always happy to assist.

What do you enjoy about working at DPS Group?

I thoroughly enjoy my job as a whole at DPS Group. The team here are very close and all pull together to ensure work is carried out to the highest standard. There is support available when needed by my colleagues & management and I have been given many opportunities to progress my skills since joining the company.

They are keen for staff to reach their full potential within their roles which is encouraging and a positive aspect of working here. Management also go above and beyond to help there staff even when not work related.

Tell us about your biggest achievement to date.

At quite a young age, I have set up a safe & secure home, became a wife and found a good job that I thoroughly enjoy which is half the battle.

How do you like to pass the time when not at work?

I love spending time with close family and friends at every opportunity. I often take my gran on days out to the bingo which she always looks forward to. My husband and I also enjoy going out for nice meals and catching up with the latest films at the cinema.

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice when you left school, what would it be?

The same advice I went by which was to stick in, work hard, get the qualifications you want as things don’t get handed to you on a plate.

If you want something then you need to work hard to achieve it and the benefits shortly follow. I like to think I don’t have any regrets and everything has happened for a reason so wouldn’t go back and change the past.

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