Iain Innes’ Blog: A demanding season

By Iain Innes, in France 

After almost two months with very little new snow, and many days of blue skies, the season finally feels like it’s in full swing.

I have just finished a massive month of races having only had two days of training so far this year. 

  • My season so far
  • 32 races in three different countries, (Sweden, Italy & France)
  • My first four European Cup races
  • Two top 50 finishes in European Cup
  • New personal best (PB) in slalom scoring 43 points
  • New PB in downhill scoring 59 points
  • A second best score of 39 points in Giant Slalom
  • 2 PB scores in Super G

Remember, the lower the points score the higher the world ranking!

This season, I expect to be racing until around mid-April and expect to compete in around 70 races in total. 

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