“ISO special” as DPS Group Focuses on Vital Accreditations

DPS Group is currently undertaking a review of all matters of quality, health & safety, and environment as part of our ISO re-accreditation process.

DPS Group takes a fastidious approach to quality, health & safety and respecting our environment.

 Underpinned by our commitment exceed the rigorous standards set, our compliance team has conducted a major review of all DPS Group systems and processes.

 DPS Group is also set to launch it’s commitment to “AIM for Zero.” AIM stands for “Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses.” More will follow in the months ahead. 

 A spokesperson for DPS Group explains, “Our commitment to going above and beyond, ensures that our staff and clients benefit from the highest standards we apply to health & safety, quality and reducing our impact on the environment.”

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