Upskilling for New Industry 4.0 Inspired ATEX Packages

Our team have been taking part in the latest phase of training and development as part of rolling out our Industry 4.0 ATEX inspection packages.

It has been a busy week for the team at DPS Group as we continue to up-skill our team so they remain at the forefront of some of the industry’s key digital innovations.

As Industry 4.0 dramatically changes the way in which our clients work, DPS Group is front and centre when it comes to this innovation revolution.

Our ongoing programme of training and develop ensures that DPS Group is ideally placed to offer a comprehensive ATEX inspection package.

The team can support and manage your onshore and offshore hazardous area electrical inspections, ensuring your systems are compliant and maintained to the latest standards.

We now offer paperless inspections using ATEX certified mobile devices. Through an accessible cloud our clients have immediate access to a range of data.

Introducing this allows optimisation of maintenance schedules and inspection intervals through RBI (Risk Based Inspections).

It’s another example of how Industry 4.0 allows you to make smarter, clearer and surer decisions.

To find out more about ATEX or to simply get some useful advice please get in touch.

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