DPS Group Reveals new IT Partnership

Fife-based DPS Group is to team up with Cloud Cover IT, as part of ambitious plans to leverage new, advanced technologies for the future.

DPS Group has partnered with Glasgow based, Cloud Cover IT, as part of its plans to build the factory of the future.

Already a leading provider of smart solutions to manufacturing industries, DPS Group are heavily focused on Industry 4.0, and this partnership will help it develop far-reaching new ideas.

In turn it is expected that leveraging new, advanced digital technologies will help clients transform their core business operations for efficiency, and profitability.

As part of the project, Cloud Cover IT has secured £108,000 in funding from Scottish Enterprise.

Martin Brownlee, Director at DPS Group, said: “We are excited to link up with Cloud Cover IT using our expertise in Industry systems with their Software Development know how.

“We look forward to introducing a new generation of smart systems and equipment with the intelligent content management platform Microsoft SharePoint, allowing us to further drive up productivity for business.”

The potential benefits of the Industry 4.0 innovations are numerous but they can be classified under increased profits, the creation of new business models and safer working conditions for the manufacturing industry.

Lance Gauld, Managing Director of Cloud Cover IT, said: “We are experiencing an exciting growth phase accompanied by mounting international project wins in Norway, Africa, and Asia. This investment will enable us to boost our workforce to keep up with our growth ambitions and strengthen our ability to provide further bespoke solutions for business in Scotland and beyond.”

IIoT is a burgeoning market expected to have significant growth. According to global research company Gartner, Innovations such as smart, connected products, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) will be key to productivity improvement and new demand in the IT sector through 2022.

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