Trusted to deliver innovative solutions for 20 years

We’re celebrating two decades of innovation and fantastic customer service here at DPS Group.

We took some time to look back on the challenges, successes, and innovations over the past twenty years.

Our directors Colin, Colin, and Martin, discussed all of the above and more.

Colin Burnett, DPS Group director, reminisced about the very beginnings of the business: “Colin Millar and I completed a management buyout of Duncan Philp Instrumentation. The company was based out of one of our houses, in the double garage, and it was office space and workshop in one.

“The company is drastically different from those early days. It’s a fantastic achievement where DPS Group is today. We have a lot of good personnel within the company, and without them, DPS Group would be nothing.”

Our director Colin Millar discussed the importance of working with young people at DPS Group: “It’s nice to get out on site still and help the guys. I’ll see a young apprentice struggling with pulling in a cable or something and jump out to help.

“I want to pass on my experience and expertise. It’s great to see these young people develop into well-informed and capable colleagues within DPS Group.”

The driver of DPS Group from the very beginning has been innovation and solutions. Our director Martin Brownlee talks about problem-solving being the fun part of the job: “We’re an innovation company; it is what we provide for our clients, it is essential.

“The last couple of years have brought us into a new phase of technology and solutions available. It has energised us and given us more options. Providing these solutions is the driver, and it is the fun part of what we do.”

Our successes continue in 2021 as we have recently been named a Siemens food and beverage specialist partner. Our team also continues to grow as we reached 70 members of the team.

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