DPS Group announce new partnership with Coriel

DPS Group and Coriel are pleased to announce a dynamic new partnership, which marks the beginning of an exciting development for both companies, with complimentary capabilities that will see us provide enhanced end-to-end solutions for our joint clients.

The partnership allows both Coriel and DPS Group to augment our capabilities and resources to support the significant growth in projects and adds dedicated resources to the delivery and support teams.

DPS Group is one of the UK’s only integrated electrical, instrumentation and control providers with strengths in electrical design. This, combined with Coriel’s strengths in Software, RFID and IoT technologies, brings the bandwidth necessary to deploy and support solutions to customers.

Philip Leslie, CEO of Coriel said, “Having engineering capabilities to design, build and support our customer systems is integral to what we offer. By partnering with DPS Group we can merge our skillsets and ultimately provide even more robust systems which offer a better, more streamlined customer experience.”

DPS Group Technical Director Martin Brownlee comments, “This is good news for both Coriel and DPS Group, but also for our customers because the partnership combines best-in-class solutions expertise in engineering and automation, using smart technologies.”

“There are extensive challenges in manufacturing right now across a range of sectors, and so solutions which are efficient and sustainable have never been more important. Working together we believe we can support clients to deliver inventive outcomes, which maximise profitability.”

The partnership will allow both Coriel and DPS Group to better support their key vendors such as Mojix, Siemens, Zebra, Acceliot amongst others. Now, with strong technical, project management, installation and customer support teams working together, both companies will jointly be able to better support the sales of partner products throughout Europe.

The future looks promising for the two companies as they focus on broadening the reach of their technology within both Coriel’s and DPS Group’s existing customer base.

Philip continues, “DPS Group work within a number of sectors that have a use case for our solutions, so there is a huge mutual pool of potential business to explore. Similarly, I expect that our customer base will have opportunities for the core services offered by DPS Group. In addition, we’ve already been able to bring the team at DPS Group into our existing customer project deliverables, and their expertise has helped us deliver more efficient operations.”

Another huge benefit for both companies are the fantastic facilities at DPS Group’s headquarters in Glenrothes.

“Having space for research and development is something that Coriel has struggled with in the past, being able to use the facilities to set up equipment and run dynamic tests which are essential to any system development, is a blessing,” says Philip.

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