Unleashing the Power of Automation: Software Solutions at Automation Fair 2023


Last week, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in the dynamic world of industrial automation at the Rockwell Automation Fair in Boston. Among the myriad of innovations and technologies, software solutions stood out as the backbone of operational excellence. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the remarkable software solutions we experienced during our time at the fair.

1. Plex Manufacturing Execution System (MES):

At the heart of smart manufacturing, Plex MES took centre stage. This comprehensive solution provided a real-time, unified view of the manufacturing process. From production scheduling to quality management, Plex MES showcased its prowess in enhancing operational efficiency and driving informed decision-making. We were particularly impressed by its ability to seamlessly integrate with other manufacturing systems, creating a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem.

2. Fiix CMMS Software:

Maintenance is a critical aspect of any industrial operation, and Fiix CMMS Software caught our attention with its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities. It demonstrated how preventive maintenance, work order management, and asset tracking can be streamlined into a cohesive system. Fiix empowers maintenance teams with the tools they need to maximise asset performance, minimise downtime, and extend equipment life cycles.

3. FactoryTalk Optix Software:

A new visualisation platform that accelerates value delivery with modern technologies, innovative designs and scalable deployment options. Visualising operational data in real-time is essential for making informed decisions, and FactoryTalk Optix Software excelled in this regard. Its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provided a comprehensive view of key performance indicators, allowing us to identify trends, monitor efficiency, and optimise processes. The integration of FactoryTalk Optix with other Rockwell Automation solutions showcased its ability to enhance overall system intelligence.

4. Thin Client Management Software:

A solution we are using extensively already, in the era of remote operations and decentralised control, Thin Client Management Software has emerged as a game-changer. And with the updates we have seen at the Automation Fair this solution will expand on its ability to enable secure access to control systems and data from virtually anywhere. We witnessed firsthand how the updates enhance flexibility, reduce maintenance costs, and ensures a consistent user experience across different devices.


The Automation Fair 2023 was a testament to the transformative power of software solutions in industrial automation. Each of the solutions we explored—Plex MES, Fiix CMMS, FactoryTalk Optix, and Thin Client Management Software—highlighted the industry’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and connectivity.

As we integrate these cutting-edge software solutions into our portfolio, we’re excited about the possibilities they bring. The journey towards smarter, more connected industrial processes has just begun, and we’re ready to embrace the future of automation.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates as we continue to leverage these software solutions to elevate our operations and better serve our clients.

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