Unlocking Digital Potential: DPS Group’s New Partnership with Siemens in Measurement Intelligence

In the dynamic realm of industrial automation, partnerships serve as the cornerstone of progress and innovation. We are thrilled to announce a significant expansion in our collaboration with Siemens – DPS Group is now a Measurement Intelligence solution partner.

Martin Brownlee, Technical Director at DPS Group commented:

Becoming a Process Instrumentation solution partner with Siemens is a strategic move for DPS Group. It allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of solutions, ensuring they have the necessary tools to achieve a holistic view of their processes and equipment. The integration of Process Instrumentation, Process Analytics, Digital Solutions, and Smart Apps aligns seamlessly with our commitment to driving digitalisation in the industrial landscape.

Growing Together: A Long-Term Partnership:

As a longstanding Siemens Automation and Drives Solution partner, our collaborative journey has been marked by innovation and excellence. Our expertise in Food & Beverage and Industrial Edge solutions has positioned us as a trusted provider of cutting-edge automation solutions. The latest addition of Measurement Intelligence, which encompasses Process Analytics, Digital Solutions, and Smart Apps, to our partnership portfolio is a testament to our commitment to continual growth and staying ahead of industry advancements.

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Siemens Measurement Intelligence Business Manager, Derek Moore, said

‘’I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to DPS, as our new Process Instrumentation Solution Partner at Siemens. We are thrilled to have you join our team and embark on this exciting journey together.
With DPS’s expertise, we are confident that we can jointly deliver exceptional value to our customers and achieve new heights of success.

As our partner, DPS will play a vital role in helping Siemens enhance our process automation capabilities and provide valued solutions to our customers’’.

Measurement Intelligence: A Holistic Approach:

The beauty of Measurement Intelligence lies in its ability to embrace a complete solution portfolio. Covering Process Instrumentation, Process Analytics, Digital Solutions, and Smart Apps, it offers an all-encompassing view of your processes and equipment. This holistic approach empowers our clients with the tools needed to gain deep insights, make informed decisions, and optimise their operations seamlessly.

Expanding Our Offering:

Building upon our extensive experience in delivering Siemens instrumentation solutions over the last few years, becoming a Process Instrumentation solution partner represents a natural progression for DPS Group. This expanded partnership allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, ensuring that our clients have everything they need to achieve a holistic view of their processes and equipment.

Focus on Digitalisation:

In the era of digital transformation, Measurement Intelligence is a catalyst for change. By integrating Process Instrumentation, Process Analytics, Digital Solutions, and Smart Apps, DPS Group is well-positioned to lead the charge in digitalisation. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing advanced solutions that enable our clients to navigate the complexities of the modern industrial landscape.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Automation:

As we step into this new phase of collaboration with Siemens, we’re not merely forging partnerships; we’re unlocking the digital potential that will define the future of automation. DPS Group is dedicated to delivering innovative, scalable, and future-ready solutions to our clients, and Measurement Intelligence is at the core of this commitment.

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