Oceaneering: Designing & building a Planetary Cabler

Sector – Oil & Gas

Specialism – Electrical

Oceaneering Planetary Cabler

Project Overview

Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry.

The company required to modify the planetary cabling machine at its Rosyth manufacturing facility.

In turn, the modifications would improve the machine’s safety systems and increase capacity and diversify the product range it produced.

Achieving this required the installation and integration of a number of complex bespoke mechanical and electrical components.

System reliability was also a crucial factor in making these improvements.

Oceaneering chose DPS Group to provide a complete turnkey M&E solution, a decision based on our record in delivering complex fit-for-purpose solutions.


DPS Group were engaged to provide a turnkey solution to design, build and maintain a Planetary Cabler for Oceaneering.

This was part of a process to increase production capacity and diversify of the product range through its Rosyth manufacturing facility.

Improvements were also to be made to the machine safety system.


  • From design through to commissioning DPS Group managed the complete project from design, to build, and install
  • Design, install and integrate a number of bespoke mechanical and electrical components
  • 3,000 high tolerance fixing holes drilled  and tapped
  • Installation of new slip rings to transfer power through the machine
  • A new air compressor system was installed
  • A number of key high-precision components were fabricated, often at short notice



The project was successfully completed on time, and on budget to the client’s satisfaction.

In Detail

DPS Group mobilised a multi-disciplinary team working around the clock to maximise access to the machine and meet the tight programme timeline.

This included the design,  installation, commissioning and over project management of the project.

This project included some significant modifications to the existing planetary cabling machine.

Over 3,000 high tolerance fixing holes were bored and tapped to accept pre-manufactured components.

Due to the complex geometry of the machine, the electrical power was transferred through the machine via a series of slip rings.

A number of slip rings were also upgraded to provide the increased power required.

We went on to install individual air compressor systems, to control the upgraded braking system.

Part of the project’s requirement was also to enable the connection of the machine to a high-speed wifi network.

In addition, the project required the fabrication of a number of high-precision components, many of which were designed, manufactured and installed in a very short time frame.


  • Exceptional team flexibility and round-the-clock approach to the project
  • Minimal downtime with robust risk mitigation plans in place
  • Created an innovative solution which should stand the test of time, and allow much greater flexibility
  • Project completed on time