Shetland Gas Plant: Pre-commissioning & ATEX testing

Sector – Oil & Gas

Specialism – Electrical

shetland gas

Project Overview

As the largest construction project in the UK at the time of completion, the Shetland Gas Plant processes gas from the Laggan and Tormore fields located 125km North West of the Shetland Islands and exports it via a 30” pipeline to the St Fergus gas terminal near Peterhead in Aberdeenshire.

It will provide 8% of the UK’s Gas for the next 30 years.


DPS Group was required to undertake 75,000 Pre-commissioning and ATEX Inspections on site-wide electrical, instrumentation and telecom packages.

Such a project requires not only a strict approach to health and safety, but a detailed approach to, planning, reporting and analysing progress on the project.


Set up a rotational team of 45 Engineers and Inspectors to successfully complete and document all pre-commissioning tasks and ATEX Inspections.

In Detail

Working on a highly complicated project of this nature, DPS Group carried out this project professionally, ensuring customer satisfaction including:

  • A Health and Safety Team, successfully assisting in over 120,000 hours without lost time injury
  • Completions and Systems Turnover Engineers and Graduates generating work packs, monitoring progress and priority systems and dealing with technical queries on-site specification and strict IEC 60079 Regulations
  • Responsible Electrical Personnel accepting on-site permits and carrying out safe isolations
  • Technical and Project Administration issuing daily progress reports to the client for clear visibility on progress and compiling the ATEX register
  • Supervisors ensuring work on site is carried out efficiently and safely providing access to work fronts ahead of the Electrical and Instrument Inspectors carrying out the tasks as described in the work packs