When is a pint not a pint?

Sector – Food & Beverage

Specialism – Instrument Division

pint not a pint

Project Overview

Our colleagues at a leading beer manufacturer were experiencing errors with totalisers and ABV% during the transfer and mixing phase of the process.

Inaccurate readings can have a seriously detrimental effect on a business’s bottom line if product to be sold ends up wasted.

DPS Group were recommended as experts in flow verification applications.

For our team, the focus was on establishing and resolving the simple question, “when is a pint, not a pint?”


The initial challenge was to carry out inline flow verification under process conditions as errors in the process transfers resulted in significant losses both in product and financially.

DPS were challenged to reduce the error and accuracy in the system within +/- 0.3%.


After identifying significant errors, DPS Group were able to use inline calibration to remove system errors and ensure that tolerances were reduced below the +/-0.3% target.

In Detail

A site survey was carried out to confirm positions available for integration of our stand-alone flow test rig.

A suitable position was advised by DPS Group and any areas that required modification were carried out prior to the site visit.

The visit for verification was carried out over a one-week period and the results identified significant errors.

We utilise our standalone, mobile, zone 2 rated UKAS accredited flow calibration unit.

All of this was achieved with minimum disruption to production.

Using inline calibration removes system errors, ensuring you’ll always know when a pint is a pint.

After a calibration was carried out the tolerances were reduced below the customer’s objective of +/-0.3% specification.