Astava headquarters and manufacturing facility is based in Meppel, The Netherlands. Within the production department they apply the latest technology in machining and tooling to create all the products within their product portfolio.

Valve and Manifolds

The valves and manifolds from Astava are supplied from AISI 316 material and more exotic. The range contains 1, 2,3,4,5 up to 7 way manifolds with numerous varieties on connections, ratings and materials. A selection of models is given below. Beside this standard range of products Astava has approx. 3500 different type of valves and manifolds available.

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Astava manufactured range of full instrument housing under the product range HA = Housing Astava. Standard colour is black, with stainless steel clamps and hinges. Options available for window, insulation, colour and custom built sizes.

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Modular-mounting system

This range of products is specially designed by SHELL as a worldwide standard under the MESC numbering, for example Each Shell subsidiary has its own characteristics concerning the valves mentioned in the MESC system ending with a

With this product range Astava is able to offer a complete hook-up with enclosures, mounting plates, heaters, junction boxes and any wish worthy type of transmitter or pressure gauge. All components will be assembled and pressure tested before shipment to customer.

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Astava designs and manufactures a fully mechanical interlocking system including housing, heating and temperature safeguarding based on customer specification.

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Air Distribution Manifolds

The Astava Air Distribution Manifolds are fully integrated resulting in space and weight saving. The products can be supplied in various ranges.

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Within the manufacturing scope of Astava a wide range of accessories is available for creating a complete instrumentation hook-up. Starting from AISI 316 material up to Titan.

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Mono Flanges

The Astava monoflanges are part of the instrumentation scope of supply Astava. The general description of the valves are mentioned below.

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Slimline Monoflanges

This technology integrates the process valves (primary isolation valve) with the instrumentation valves (secondary isolation valves) into one product in accordance with piping specification. Products characteristics contain: OS&Y, bolted bonnet, manufactured from forged materials and Fire Safe by design in accordance with BS 6755 part 2.

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Nuclear Valves

The products are engineered and manufactured in accordance with international technical standards being ASME and RCCM completed with customer specific requirements. The type of bonnets applied can be divided into 2 separate groups:

  1. BELLOW SEALED (-28 models)
  2. ASME bonnet (-05 models)

Process connections: Butt weld, socket weld, thread.
Instrument connections: Butt weld, socket weld, thread.
Packing material: Bellow, Nuclear quality grafoil.
Rating: Up to 2500 lbs, up to 10.000 psi.
Materials: AISI 316L, others on request.
Design codes: ASME*, RCCM*.
Quality system: Qualified by TUV ISO 9001.
NDO qualifications: Qualified by SKNDO EN 473.
Welders qualifications: Qualified by TUV EN 287-1.

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Special Products

Due to the engineering, manufacturing and assembling is available within Astava, numerous special engineered solutions are supplied to all kinds of end-users. From special alloys up to all sorts of configurations.

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Seal Pot and Buffer

For Buffer and Drain functions Astava supplies Buffer and Drain pots. The Buffer/Seal pot is used in level application and is designed to act as a buffer for redundant fluids from the process in the wet leg. If there is redundant fluid in the process the Buffer pot collects this so the fluid will never reach the dry leg and effects the measurement. The Drain pot is used in a level application at the bottom of the measurement and is for collecting redundant fluid. During inspection of the process the redundant fluid collected can be drained.

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Flushing Rings

Astava Flushing Rings are available in the following types.

  1. welded with weld neck flanges
  2. welded with ball valves

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