30% growth in staff numbers at DPS Group

DPS Group has today revealed it’s continuing to create new jobs during an upbeat first six months of 2015.

This Fife-based group, has created 22 new jobs including four formal apprentice and graduate positions, having secured contracts with key new clients, marking a net 30% increase in the permanent workforce to over 60 employees. A further 120 contractor positions are also currently filled.

DPS Group, formed in 1984, is an established supplier of instrumentation sales, electrical and instrumentation project management, and system integration for industrial and process control.

The group has withstood the proposed closure of a high-profile local power station, which represented a major seven-figure contract, and is seeing growth in new sectors, proving the business is fit for the future by evolving into new sectors.

These include CelluComp, a material science company, that commercializes Curran®, a material developed from the extraction of nano-cellulose fibres of root vegetables. Curran® is produced in powder form and is then supplied as an additive to several markets such as paints and coatings, cosmetics, paper and concrete to name a few. DPS Group has supplied the technology behind their new base in Scotland.

Another key client is a major paper mill, again with DPS Group at the heart of their growing success story – with many more jobs created as part of the knock-on effect.

Other key business wins in 2015, including beating off competition from outside Scotland and the UK such as placing and fully project managing 80 colleagues with Petrofac in the Shetland Islands.

Such a robust business plan means the business continues to grow, affording new opportunities within the east-central Scotland area for young people to develop a vocational career.

“We’re absolutely committed to growing our business, and that means creating new jobs which are long-lasting and sustainable,” said DPS Group Director Martin Brownlee.

“This year we’ve appointed to roles at all levels within our business, and it’s particularly pleasing to be able to report that we’re continuing to grow our apprentice and graduate programme.

“We take seriously our responsibility to help the local economy in our area because we see the direct and indirect impact we can have on young people and families in providing secure career opportunities.

“We’re proud of our record in evolving the business, looking to new technologies, and evolving sectors. This stands the test of time in that staff who join us, generally do so for the long term.”

DPS Group is also committed to working with Glenrothes High School to develop opportunities for school leavers to understand the industrial and process control industry and the careers within it.

“I welcome DPS Group’s continued expansion, innovation and commitment to work with the local young people to give a new generation the right skills for success,” said Business Minister Fergus Ewing MSP.

“I wish DPS Group the best for the future.”

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