New Business Development Manager for DPS Group

Grant Buchanan joined DPS Group as Business Development Manager this year, a new role within the business. Excited about his position, caught up with Grant about coming on board and how he’s been finding things.

What is your new role?

I have come on board as a Business Development Manager for DPS Group. I’m delighted to have come on board as DPS Group’s first-ever BDM and I’m looking forward to getting meeting everyone connected with the business over the next few months.

What does this job involve?

There are many different aspects to my role but I will mainly be developing the business in existing sectors and broadening the customer portfolio to ensure continued growth.

How has it been coming on board with DPS Group?

The move to DPS Group has been a good experience and it is good to be part of an ambitious company who have a strong pedigree and strategy for growth, with very capable and qualified people throughout the organisation. I’m really looking forward to what the next few months have to bring.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

I am excited by the new challenge and steep learning curve that the BDM role offers, particularly taking DPS Group into business sectors where it currently does not operate.

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