Statement from DPS Group

The board of directors at DPS Group have issued the following statement today.

DPS Group is committed to health, safety, and doing all we can to maintain a high level of service.

Like most companies, we have had to make difficult decisions in order to ensure the safety of our staff and to comply with the instructions that we have been given by government to help fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) .

As many of our customers play an important role in delivering the services and products that are helping keep the country running at this difficult time, we have had to carefully consider the consequences of our actions. 

The activities of our clients include:

·       Plastics production for pharmaceutical and medical use.

·       Sites generating and distributing electricity and gas for power

·       Factories involved in food production

·       Sites producing tissue paper

·       Systems for production of Alcohol for use in hand sanitiser products

·       Pharmaceutical production facilities

Following a consultation with these customers, we have made the decision to continue to operate where this is possible, following strict guidelines.  The feedback from some of our clients was clearly that we should continue to provide services to enable them to continue to operate and, we have chosen to do this with particular focus on supporting our clients in these vital sectors.

This decision is not an easy one and our staff continue to respond in the face of adversity.  We are committed to providing them with a safe working environment and continue to review the measures required continuously; these include:

·       Those who are able to, are working from home

·       Our on-site employees are working shifts, practicing social distancing at all times

·       Our teams are travelling to and from site separately

·       Everyone is practising good hand hygiene

·       Production shifts will end 30 minutes prior to the normal shift end time to enable work equipment and areas to be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly

·       Our office has skeleton staff and, as admin staff are home working, we will not be accepting external visitors until further notice

Our risk management team meet daily (now via remote video call) and are responsible for implementing our company resilience action plan. As you are aware, the advice given changes frequently and we are prepared to react when required.

Our key aim is to protect the health and well-being of our colleagues while maintaining our ability to deliver essential support.

If you have any questions or concerns at all please contact one of our directors;

Colin Millar
Martin Brownlee
Colin Burnett

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